CSCP - Una Certificazione per la Carriera del Supply Chain Manager


We are pleased to announce the opening of 2024 registrations of the prestigious APICS CSCP - Certified Supply Chain Professional - training.


In the increasingly complex context of the Supply Chain, the CSCP certification has become a fundamental element in addressing the evolving challenges of today's landscape. Since its launch in 2006, more than 30,000 professionals have become CSCP certified, demonstrating their ability to design, implement, and manage a modern Supply Chain.


Why Choose CSCP?


  • International-level Skills: The CSCP certification is a global recognition of advanced skills in the Supply Chain field
  • Tangible Benefits: CSCP certified professionals earn 18% more than the market average, according to a recent ASCM survey
  • Requirement for Top Roles: An increasing number of companies require the CSCP certification as a prerequisite for top roles in Supply Chain Management
  • Personal Growth: The CSCP course transfers best practices and state-of-the-art content to manage a modern supply chain, representing an exceptional opportunity for professional and personal growth for the participant.


Below are the course start dates:


In Classroom:

- Lausanne: March 20

- Basel: April 18

Webinar (40 hours): April 12


Webinar Flipped Class: March 21


For both classroom and 40-hour webinar options, we offer an early registration 45 days before the start date: don't miss this opportunity! Enroll now and invest in your future success with the APICS CSCP course to achieve professional and personal growth.


Advance School is the only Premier ELITE Partner of APICS in Switzerland, and has trained worldwide thousands of professionals from all organizational levels in the Operations and Supply Management areas.


For further information on the CSCP course, contact us via email: info@advanceschool.ch or by phone at +41 79 5974100.


Testimonials from CSCP Senior Managers:


“ I enjoyed taking the APICS CSCP curriculum which I found to be a fairly comprehensive summary of the tools and techniques to be used when managing an end to end supply chain. Further to the theory , the course provides a number of real life examples that build up to a cultural aspect of SC management that resounded to my own experience. In summary, a great course that I strongly encourage to take to any manager at the helm of large supply chains.

Marc Wouters - General Manager Caterpillar


“When a number of Multinationals publish a job posting for a global Supply Chain Manager they require CSCP certification as a must have. The candidate who has passed the CSCP exam demonstrates knowledge of how to define and implement a Supply Chain strategy in line with the Business’.

Marco Campi, Supply Chain Manager - Cargill SSE


“Every training from Advance School, has an added value since it allows preparation for internationally recognized certifications. The APICS CPIM course, in particular, allowed me to attain Best Practice that empowered me to tackle my start-up project at Rolls-Royce, ensuring my professional advancement in both responsibility and remuneration. This encouraged me to enrol in another SC Management course, CSCP, to acquire additional skills aligned with international best practices.”

Pierantonio Pierobon, Operations Director - FLY S.p.a


“If today I had to choose a Supply Chain Manager for my company I would ensure that I carefully evaluate technical and soft skills. Knowing that the Manager possesses CSCP certification would give me strong guarantees of his technical knowledge since I know the CSCP programme very well and the level of difficulty of its exam as I too am CSCP certified”,

Giovanni Tracanella, Global Operations Director - Vibram


“APICS’ CSCP certification is the world’s most famous in Supply Chain Management certification. It is international with contents that are always up to date and a level of difficulty that makes it unique and much appreciated. I am convinced that a CSCP certified professional brings great benefits to the organization, thanks to his/her up to date knowledge.”

Daniele Meldolesi, GM - Lesaffre Italia